Boat Cruises

Uganda is gifted by Lake Victoria which is the largest freshwater lake in the whole of Africa. Lake Victoria sunset cruises not much developed provide an opportunity to have some good time on the lake while exploring islands and features within these freshwater lakes. There are many service providers that organize sunset cruises on Lake Victoria and if you have an evening before your safari, Lake Victoria sunset cruises are worth participating in.

Lake Victoria sunset cruises normally start from waterfront pier and go all the way through to crossing the Equator line, visiting several fishing islands and also spotting some water birds along the way. Drinks and snacks are provided hence giving you a nice evening experience on the lake.

Lake Victoria which has the source of the longest river on planet earth is shared by the three traditional East African Countries of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Some activities have been developed on Lake Victoria including boat cruises, sport fishing and several beaches along its shores. While in Uganda, you can participate in one of the above-mentioned activities to make sure that you add a marine activity to enhance your experience.

Lake Victoria was formed through warping. As tectonic forces affected East Africa, it is believed that as the west and eastern parts of East Africa were being uplifted through faulting, the central parts underwent down warping resulting into the formation of a basin. Rivers that were flowing west and Eastwards reversed and started powering into Lake Victoria basin hence forming a lake. As more water entered the lake, it had to find a point from where it could get out. It was at Jinja where the River Nile begins its journey to the Mediterranean Sea.
Boat cruise is also done on the River Nile especially in Murchison Falls National Park normally after lunch. There is also a boat cruise to the delta point where you get chances to see the Shoebill Stork. We also organize boat cruises on the Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park a natural channel between the two lakes of George in the north and Edward in the south. Besides Lake Victoria, we also do boat cruise on Lake Bunyonyi and Lake Mutanda in the southern part of Uganda. These are lakes below the Virunga Mountains near the rain tropical forests of Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks.