Mountain gorilla

Most of these mountain gorilla do reside in the South Western Uganda in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. This park consist of almost half of the number of Mountain Gorillas that is believed to be remaining in the whole world.

It’s also believed that the remaining Chimps in the entire world Co-exist in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. For any interested person willing to visit Ugandan gorillas, you must pay for a gorilla trekking permit that goes for USD 800.00 per trek per person

Mgahinga National Park; this park is found in Virunga ranges shared between Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. This park is also another place that is known for being a home of Ugandan gorillas……. read more

Simplest Gorilla family to trek

Different Tourists who come to Uganda for Gorilla tracking always ask that which is “Gorilla family is easy to trek?” Since the Gorilla permit prices were increased in Rwanda from USD750 to USD1500.00 and Uganda considering increasing its price sometime next year, some tourists want to enjoy their experience of Gorilla trekking by paying now and trying to look for the easiest Gorilla family to trek…….. read more

Gorilla families Uganda

Uganda has several habituated gorilla families which are trekked. They include the following; Habinyanja, Bitukula, Rushegura, Mubare, MIshaya, Oruzogo, Nshongi, Kahunje.

Those families in Ruhija include Busingye, Bweza, Kyagurir. For an habituated gorilla family to be ready for trekking it takes 2-3 years under observation…….. read more

Gorilla families Rwanda

Rwanda has several Gorilla families that visitors have access too. They allow only eight visitors per group per trekking day. The following are the Gorilla families in found in Rwanda.

Susa Gorilla family

Susa group is one of the Mountain Gorilla family in Volcanoes National Park. This group currently has 17 members and 2 Silver-backs but had a total of 42 members before its split. The most exciting things about Susa are the twins in this group. Its also the first group that Dian Fossey first studied during her years in Rwanda. The group is apparently the hardest to track but turns out to be the most preferred by most Gorilla trekkers. Susa A inhabits the lower base of Mount Karisimbi…….. read more

Good time to track Gorillas

When wishing to go for Gorilla trekking, your choices should lie between Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda, and Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

Uganda is becoming one of the most unique, and sought after travel destination point in Africa. Uganda has two rainy seasons thus the short rain season that happens in the months of October – November, and the long season that occurs from mid March to the end of May. The remaining months are considered to be Uganda’s dry season. Uganda has recently experienced some climate changes in its weather patterns, this has made it harder to predict these seasons unlike before…….. read more

Gorilla Rules and regulations

Tourists willing or planning to do gorilla trekking the following are the guidelines or rules and regulations you shall need to follow as issued but Uganda wild life authority. They apply as set out in printed leaflet by Uganda wildlife authority. (Gorilla rules)…….. read more

Gorilla Trekking Park list

Once you confirm that your Gorilla trekking permits are at your hand and secured your accommodation together with transport, it’s a must to know the right Gorilla trekking gadgets for a safe Gorilla trekking adventure. In most cases these trekking gadgets they apply in all Gorilla trekking National Parks such as Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks in Uganda together with Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. For cases where a client may combine the trekking together with wildlife tours more gadgets may be needed and for more information contact Great Adventures Uganda Limited.

Seeing these endangered creatures in their natural habitat is a dream come true and this requires you to be fully prepared for this lifetime experience with these dramatic creatures in the wild. Consider your parking list very crucial while planning your Gorilla and wildlife safari to Africa.  Make sure that you pack based on the purpose of your safari.
Below is the list of items that you should consider while packing for your Gorilla safari to Uganda:…….. read more

Gorilla Tour Price

Rwanda is the fourth smallest country on the African mainland. Rwanda’s geographical size is the same as for Bwindi, Haiti, Albania, Gambia, Swaziland and Djibouti.In the latest years Rwanda’s modern human settlement become the last glacial period either in Neolithic period around 8000BC ,after in long humid period turned up to 3000BC.The archaeological had to reveal evidence from different settlement by the hunter gathers into the stone age,later it was followed by the larger population of the iron age settlers who used to produce iron tools.

Between 700Bc and 1500AD anumber of bantu group migrated into Rwanda look for land settlement and land agriculturlist ,this affected the Twa to mave to the mountain slopes since half of land was taken by the bantu.The historical back ground of this Bantu migration came up with different clans the Hutu , Tutsi and Twa ,Th Hutu were the first settler, Tutsi were cattle gathers,Twa hunters to form aracial goup of Nile hamitic origin…….. read more

Booking Gorilla permit

You need a Gorilla permit handled by each of the National Parks to trek the Mountain Gorillas. Great Adventures Uganda provides relevant Gorilla permit booking information for Rwanda and Uganda to enable you plan your Gorilla safari very well.

You always have to obtain a Gorilla permit 3-4 months in advance while booking a Gorilla tour, always pay your Gorilla permit fee in advance to enable us acquire it for you.

Gorilla trekking is guaranteed when you acquire a Gorilla pass. Uganda and Rwanda Gorilla permits are very competitive and scarce most especially during peak seasons of June, July, August, September, December and February. Sometimes Gorilla tracking permits get sold out four months in advance so any traveller needs to book a Gorilla permits 3-4 month in advance. Kindly follow our Gorilla permit booking information for details…….. read more

Allocation of Gorilla trekking permit

A valid Uganda Gorilla permit is a key to a successful Gorilla tracking experience in Uganda the Pearl of Africa. Every tourist intending to trek the Mountain Gorillas is required to have a valid Gorilla trekking permit for the exact date he/she intends to track them which guarantees him/her an opportunity to see the endangered gentle giants in their natural habitat. Therefore, a Gorilla permit is very essential for all tourists intending to take part in this adventurous Gorilla trekking experience.

Mountain Gorillas in Uganda live in the tropical rain forests of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park both located in the southwestern Uganda…….. read more