Allocation of Gorilla trekking permit

A valid Uganda Gorilla permit is a key to a successful Gorilla tracking experience in Uganda the Pearl of Africa. Every tourist intending to trek the Mountain Gorillas is required to have a valid Gorilla trekking permit for the exact date he/she intends to track them which guarantees him/her an opportunity to see the endangered gentle giants in their natural habitat. Therefore, a Gorilla permit is very essential for all tourists intending to take part in this adventurous Gorilla trekking experience.

Mountain Gorillas in Uganda live in the tropical rain forests of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park both located in the southwestern Uganda.

Regarding the allocation of Gorilla permits depends on the availability of Gorilla permits at the Uganda Wildlife Authority at the time of purchase, and it is always based on first come first serve. Uganda is a home to the highest population of the world’s remaining Mountain Gorillas in the World meaning that there is an increased number of Gorilla permits every day.

Where to get Gorilla permits

Gorilla permits are issued out by the Uganda Wildlife Authority a government body responsible for tourism and wildlife conservation in Uganda. Similarly, Gorilla permits can be accessed through trusted tour operators such as Great Adventures Uganda who will help you check availability, buy and deliver Gorilla permits on behalf of our clients. Purchasing a Gorilla permit can be done either online depending on which way is reliable for the buyer.

When to buy the permit

Tourists are always required to book Gorilla permits at least four months earlier before the actual safari dates. Visitors are also required to make full payment Gorilla permits once they confirm their trip dates.  The advance booking is to ensure timely allocation of the Gorilla permits since Gorilla families live in different sectors of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and buying of Gorilla permits help in selecting the best accommodation in that particular sector where the Gorilla permit is allocated.

How much is the Gorilla permit

A Uganda Gorilla permit for normal gorilla trekking costs 800USD all year round for foreign non-residents, 700USD for foreign residents and 300,000shs for East African Citizens per person per trek. The Uganda Mountain Gorilla Habituation permit costs 1500USD per person per trek and this includes park entry fee and a Park ranger with escorts who will be guiding you to the Mountain Gorillas in the forest.

The validity of the gorilla permit

Each Gorilla permit is valid for one day, like its tracking date and after which it is claimed expired. The one hour does not include the time spent in forest searching for the Gorillas but is counts from the time you meet the Gorillas.

Gorilla permits in Rwanda

Like in Uganda, Gorilla trekkers to Rwanda must also have valid Gorilla permits and each cost 1500USD for all travelers. Rwanda Gorilla permits were hiked in May 2017 purposely to conserve Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park and improve the standards of living for the local people living in and around Volcanoes National Park and other protected areas. Presently, local people in Rwanda are given 10% off the total money collected from the sale of the Gorilla permits.

 Gorilla Permits in Congo

Before the closure of Virunga National Park a Gorilla permit here cost 450USD for foreign nonresidents and $400 for foreigners which made it a best Gorilla trekking destination. Right now, the National Park is sometimes on and off for Gorilla safaris and now most travelers interested in Congo go to Kahuzi Biega National Park for eastern lowland Gorilla tracking which also reward travelers with exceptional Gorilla safari experiences.

Therefore, ensure to have a valid Gorilla trekking permit at the right time to ensure that you plan a successful and memorable Gorilla trekking experience.

Great Adventures Uganda we do Gorilla permit booking for our clients in advance which enables our clients to book permits for regions of their favor, desires and physical ability.