Uganda has several habituated gorilla families which are trekked. They include the following; Habinyanja, Bitukula, Rushegura, Mubare, MIshaya, Oruzogo, Nshongi, Kahunje.

Those families in Ruhija include Busingye, Bweza, Kyagurir. For an habituated gorilla family to be ready for trekking it takes 2-3 years under observation.

Gorilla families in Bwindi include the following. 

These families are found in various sectors as seen below;

Ruhija sector

This sector has got 4 gorilla families, namely Kyagurilo group, Bitukula group, Mukiza group, and Ruzogo group.

Kyagurilo gorilla family,thi s  is one of the least populated gorilla family in Ruhija sector. This gorilla family was habituated in 1995 following the sudden death of the famous family leader Rukina. After the death of Rukina the family was left under control of inexperienced male Silver Back called Mukiza who was later ambushed immigrating silver back called Rukara from the Bitukula gorilla family. Hence this led to the splitting of the family into 2 families that’s Kyagurilo A led by Rukara and Kyagurilo B led by Mukiza in May 2016. However this splinting is not yet so munch considered basing on the fact that these two families are still residing in the same areas and a times the meet and Co- unite together. Kyagurilo family group is known for spending almost all its time in the inner forest and very rarely get close to the forest’ peripherals. Currently is has 9 members. The dominant Silver Back in this group is called Rukara. The following are the family members Rukara is the dorminant Silver Back or leader of the family, Tindamanyure who is the adult female, Kabandize who is also a silver back, Happy a black back, Mazoora, Korubaro, Kengogwe, Munaba this is a juvenile female, Bjurizi.

Bitukula  Gorilla Family, this family is found in the Ruhija sector and it is the latest habituated gorilla group in this sector. Currently Bitukula gorilla family has 11 members. The following are the current family members in the family;

  1. Mugisha (dominant silver back)
  2. Rukumu (silver back)
  3. Betina (adult female)
  4. Ruhara (adult female)
  5. Kamuga (adult female)
  6. Thursday (adult female)
  7. Kadogo (black back)
  8. Rungo (sub-adult male)
  9. Kakuto (juvenile female)
  10. Nyiguru (infant male)
  11. Kirabo (infant male.

Mukiza family group;this was formally called KYAGULIRO B and it is found in the Ruhija sector of Bwindi impenetrable National Park. It was launched for habituation in May 2016 after the splint of Kyaguliro  The group has a dominant Silver Back called Mukiza and he was born on 29/11/1990 by a mother called Mugwere.

Mukiza group is known for spending almost all its time in the inner forest and very rarely gets close to the forest peripherals. Currently the group has 12 members as seen bellow;

  1. Mukiza(dominant silver back)
  2. Mugwere (adult female)
  3. Twijukye (adult female)
  4. Korugyezi (adult female)
  5. Mugenyi (adult female)
  6. Bwebisha (adult female)
  7. Mubwindi (adult female)
  8. Kanywani (sub adult male)
  9. Kanoel (juvenile female)
  10. Tonvi (juvenile female)
  11. Gorodi (infant female)
  12. Nyakabara (infant female)

Oruzogo family group; this is the most dominant gorilla family is found in Ruhija sector. Oruzogo gorilla family was unveiled for trekking and habituation in 2012. Its first Dominant silver back was called Tibirikwata. This gorilla family currently is one of the most populated gorilla family with a new family leader called Bakwate who is now the Dominant Silver Back. This family can be trekked both in Buhoma and ruhija sectors. The following are the family members of Oruzogo gorilla family.

  1. Bakwate (dominant silver back)
  2. Kaganga (silver back)
  3. Kasumali(silver back)
  4. Kakobe (adult female)
  5. Nyangaro (adult female)
  6. Mutesi (adult female)
  7. Nyakina (adult female)
  8. Mukwano (silver back)
  9. Bwengye (black back)
  10. Rukeija
  11. Katoto (adult female)
  12. Bachura (adult female)
  13. Nyakashunju (sub adult male)
  14. Masenene (sub adult male)
  15. Nyabirano (sub adult male)
  16. Muhumuza (infant female)
  17. Mufuruki (infant male)
  18. Musana (infant female)
  19. Paska (infant male)


There are number of gorilla families in buhoma as seen below.

Mubare gorilla family;this is one of the fascinating gorilla group in Bwindi Impenetrable national park. Its found in the Buhoma sector  and Mubare is the Oldest habituated gorilla family in uganda. This family is termed as group M.

Mubare was the first gorilla group that toundergo the first habituation process  in uganda by the Uganda Wildlife Authority in 1991. the family experienced its first trekking after 2years and that means that in 1993 thats when it experienced its first  this means that this gorilla group is very familiar to human life basing on the experience they have had with people’s fluequent visits. The name Mubare came after the place where these gorllas stayed and it was called Mubare hills.Mubare’s first dominant silver back was called Ruhondeza

This family had 18  members whom it has generated through a number of factors such as winning fights over other gorilla families. After the death of Ruhondeza in 2013 and was caused due to a serious battle he had with on black back that left serious injuries on him, ruhondeza was given a descent burial by the ugandan Wildlife Authority officials  in Buhoma sector and his grave is their in Buhoma endever to ask our guide to take byou their. Some of the gorillas moved to other groups, the group also lost a baby in 2009 and this also impacted on theor number that reduced to 5 members.  And by 2009 the group has remained with the following members;

Kanyonyi (black back)

Kashundwe(adult male)

Muyambi ( sub adult male)

Malaika (sub adult female)

Kashundwe baby(infant)

Currently this family has a dominant silver back called Mugisha, and it has managed to bring back the lost glory of Mubare family group through  expanding his family throughout his years as the leader of the group. Currently they have 11 family members.

Habinyanja gorilla family; this family was also amongest those families to be habituated in uganda, and it was habituated in 1997.  After 2 years  it received its first trekking and that was in 1999.  To reach the starting point, a person needs to drive for 45 minutes towards the neck or even 30 minutes to reach the trail head at Nyamishaba village in Buhoma sector. Tthe  name Habinyanja  comes from a local language called Nyanja which means  a place with water these gorillas were first seen in a swampy area in Buhoma sector. And due to this , the family was named Habinyanja

Mugarusi was the dominant silver back and this name ment an Old mans’ Teeth. Mugarusi later died due to old age and as soon as he passed on , the 2 brothers Mwirima and Rwansigazi decided to to takeover and share the old man’s power. This did not last long because of their differences they failed. Rwansigazi was a leader who loved travelling and Mwirima preffered to always staying with his family. Suprisingly these 2 silver backs separated in 2002 without any fight. The members who supported and stayed with Rwansigazi were the Habinyanja and those who preffered Mwirima also formed another family called the Rushegure gorilla family.Later the leader of Habinyanja surendered  his leadership to Makara whose now the officer in charge of the family.

In 2011 sad news hit this family when one of its friendly Black back gorilla called Mizano was found dead. His body had alot of spear wounds around its neck and shoulders. This came after Mizano ran into a group of poachers with their dogs. He decided to die while defending his family from these ugly poachers. This incident was reported to be the first curried out by poachers aftre that of 1995.

Habinyanja group moves daily in the forest. So it needs someone with energy to trek this family which today has 15 members. The following are some of the family members;

  1. Makara
  2. Rwansigazi
  3. Maraya
  4. Kisho
  5. Nakabuye
  6. Binyoko
  7. Rugyendi
  8. Nyamuhongo
  9. Elsa
  10. Hamusini
  11. Hakato
  12. Gacyaro
  13. Bagenyi

Prominent members of Habinyanja family are, Makara, Rwansigazi, Maraya, Kisho, Nabukye, Binyonko, Rugyendi, Nyamuhango, Elsa, Hamusini, Hakato, Gacyaro and Bangenyi


Rushegura gorilla family; this family / group is also found in the Buhoma region or sector. Most times its called the R group. The late Mwirima , a son of Mukurusiparted ways with his brother Rwansigazi who was famous for taking gorillas on distant adventures while Mwirima preffered shorter adventures. Rushegura was habituated in 2000 and after 2 years the group experienced its first  trekking. This family is also ranked among those that are highly populated or with bigger number of members. Rushegura can be termed as a fragment of Habinyanja group. Normally tourists begin from the park headquarters to trek this gorilla family but a times they might need to drive for almost 15 minutes for its trail head in Mukono.

Reshegure gorilla family is extremely active within the Buhoma region and covers a broad teritorry atimes it also takes the Batwa village, Uganda Wildlife Authority park office, Bwindi Water fall, and even Buhoma Camp. These sights are normally bonuse the gorillas in this family move into adjacent Banana groves. sometimes this family crosses in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.

Currently  his group has 16 gorillas and bellow are some of the members in it;

  • Mwirima (dominant silver back)
  • Kabukojo (black back)
  • Kyirinvi (adult female)
  • Kibande (adult female)
  • Buzinza (adult female)
  • Nyamunwa (adult female)
  • Kalembezi (sub adult male)
  • Ruterana (sub adult female)
  • Nyambazi (juvinile)
  • Kafuruka (juvinile)
  • Kanywanyi (baby infant)
  • Buzinza (infant)
  • Nyamunwa (infant)
  • Katabazi (infant)

Bitukura gorilla family; This gorilla family is located in Buhoma sector of Bwindi Impenetrable forest. Bitukura gorilla family is among est the New gorilla families in Bwindi to help Great Adventures Uganda tourists increasing numbers visiting Bwindi impenetrable National Park.

Bitukura gorilla family also is being eaten up by Ruhija side of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. And our esteemed vistors should not worry about where to stay since there is also Accommodation in Ruhija but most clients preffer being taken to Buhoma since it has a variety of accommodation option when it comes to lodging compared to Ruhija. When you opt to sleep in Buhoma you will need to wake up early since there is a need to drive for 2 hours to the starting point.

The name Bitukura was as a result of a River that bears the sane name where this gorilla family was first seen. The habituation of this family started in July 2007 and by October 2008 they Uganda Wildlife Authority had launched this family for tourists to trekk. Basing on the fact that this group was used to Uganda Wildlife Authority officials, t5his group became easy for habituation

The following are the members of Bitukura family;

  • Ndahura (dominant silver back)
  • Karamuzi (silver back)
  • Rukumu (silver back)
  • Rukara (silver back)
  • Betina (adult female)
  • Ruhara (adult female)
  • Kamuga (adult female)
  • Obia (black back)
  • Mugisha (black back
  • Twakire (juvenile)
  • Kadogo (infant)
  • Mubwindi (infant)

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