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Entebbe is a coastal East African town surrounded by the beautiful Lake Victoria which is considered to be Africa’s largest Lake. The population of this town is estimated to be about 100,000 people.  This town lies in the district of Wakiso and it’s approximately 38 km south west of Kampala the capital city of Uganda.

Entebbe has the largest growing hospitality industry, and has over the years consciously made giant strides to put its name on the global tourism map. Entebbe on a daily basis hosts a growing number of tourists from all over the world and its large number of resorts, hotels, entertainment centers and tourist attractions which have made it a perfect rendezvous for relaxation throughout the year.

“ENTEBBE” this word in a local language it means a “seat”, this town was named basing on the fact that this was a place where the Buganda chief used to sit and adjudicate legal cases.  This town Entebbe became a colonial administrative and a commercial centre in 1893, when Sir Gerald Portal came and used it as his base for his colonial work.

Europeans consider Entebbe a peninsula on Lake Victoria as the home of Entebbe International Airport, which is the only International Airport Uganda has and was opened up in 1929. The town has mainly motor cycles, taxis, car rentals and at times buses as means of transport. The availability of the United Nations base and Uganda’s state house guarantee the town’s safety and security all around it.

Centers of attraction in Entebbe Town

The Wildlife Education Centre (Entebbe Zoo). Whenever you are in Entebbe always take some time and visit the Wildlife Education Centre for the unforgettable experience of  Lions, Elephants, Buffalos, Rhinoceros, Giraffe, Nile crocodiles, big number of snake species, bird species, monkeys and many other wild components.

National Botanical Gardens For a memorable natural experience, no tourist should leave or travel back without checking the national botanical gardens. This place parades an amazing range of and history of plant life with forest and water bird spices.

Kigungu Catholic Church This historically Church is where the first catholic missionary fathers Amans and Mon Maple lourdel landed to establish the catholic faith in Uganda. It’s situated on one of the landing site on lake Victoria. A new fancy catholic church has been built at the site to preserve the historic significance of that destination. Apart from the historic building at the site, tourists will also be thrilled at the massive fishing activities going on around the church on a daily basis. Lots of boats, fishermen and trading activities occur there and tourists get a chance of testing fresh or grilled fish from vendors of this area.

Oldest golf course in East Africa The beauty of lush green sand undulating landscape of the massive golf course is a must see. It was founded in 1901and its situated on the banks of  Lake Victoria, Entebbe town 18-hole golf course is considered to be the oldest  in east Africa. This golf course stretches on hundreds of hectares, its lush greens of this alluring golf course invites various tourists to the destination of pleasure, leisure and serenity. Though this golf course is displayed boldly, playing golf is strictly by membership, but you can go ahead and walk in look around and take some photos.

Entebbe International Airport This is the only International Airport in Uganda has. Its significance to the country cannot be over-estimated. This Airport is situated on the banks of Lake Victoria, and it was from this Airport that Queen Victoria learnt of her father’s death who was the king by that time and that she had become the Queen. This forced her to fly back home using this Airport.

Ngamba Island This is one of the Islands found on Lake Victoria near Entebbe town. It has become a major tourist attraction in Entebbe town with its Chimpanzees sanctuary. The activities done by the visitors here is Chimpanzee feeding, boat cruise, Chimpanzee viewing and also experience the view of island. Ngamba Island has got the best hotels where tourist can spend their nights to their safari on Ngamba Island. Such hotels include Ngamba island lodge, Ngamba island Tented camp and very many others and to reach there we board a boat at marine pier on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Muzinga square This is also a recreation park as well as a land mark within the heart of Entebbe town. This is near the state house lends credence to the importance of the muzinga monument.  Information from the tourism sector indicates that the muzinga park monument is the most historical tourist attraction in Entebbe town. It’s found near the municipal council building, this monument was left behind by Tanzanian troops after they had ousted the late Ugandan president Idi Amin Dada. Surprisingly when they tried to blow up the municipal building, they were discouraged by gunfire from the by then to be defeated Ugandan troops and abandoned the plan and also their canon which still stands to date. This has been turned into a tourist attraction with statues of two soldiers built next  to it as a way of remembering what happened that day. They put up a beautiful park with chairs where people can sit and enjoy this scenery. Surprisingly this park is always open to the public at every hour of the day and its greens provide a great space to relax while enjoying the visit of Entebbe town.

Food and drinks

Entebbe town is a home of lots of expatriates especially Asians and Europeans, so there is abundance of intercontinental dishes served at restaurants and fast food outlets within Entebbe city. Tourists can also have a chance of testing the local dishes and drinks such as matooke, karo, goat choma, African tea etc.