Visa Uganda-rwanda,east African visa,visas can be be issued at the airport upon arrival

VISAS Uganda-Rwanda

Most nationalities require entry visas when travelling to Uganda. Visas Uganda can be purchased upon arrival at the Airport (Entebbe international airport EBB) for USD50 or can be issued by the Uganda High Commission in the countries where they are represented, you can still request for the visa online before you come and the online application process takes one business day. The fees for visas Uganda issued at the Uganda High Commission are generally in USD notes which are dated 2009 or newer and with no tears or marks.


AUSTRALIA, GERMANY, ISRAEL, NEW ZEALAND, SOUTH AFRICA, SWEDEN, UK AND USA are issued with a Rwandan entry visa upon arrival without prior application. The entry visa fee is $30 and is valid for a period of 30 days.

Nationals of SINGAPORE, HONG KONG, MAURITIUS AND PHILIPPINES are exempt from entry/tourism view for a stay up to 90 days.

EAC nationals will be issued with a 6 months visitors pass (renewable) at entry points with no fee.

All other nationalities will be required to purchase visas with the cost varying, depending on the nationality, up to USD50 for a single entry. These countries should apply for a visa BEFORE traveling and pay the presubscribed fee, you can now get the visa Uganda-Rwanda at the airport upon arrival just carry the valid  documents.


The visa uganda-Rwanda documentation / permission MUST BE DONE in advance of your arrival irrespective whether you fly or drive there – through their closest Rwandan High Commission abroad – this is as below.


 All visitors / tourists (by road and air) who are not eligible for the free 90 day entry into Rwanda or able to get their visa upon arrival without prior application are required to complete an “entry facility application” on the Rwandan immigration authority’s website – – under the topic “Public service” click on “entry facility” and on the form that appears clients fill in the basic details like name, passport number, arrival date and port of arrival – and submit it over the web. It is advisable for clients to process this application as soon as possible to allow plenty of time for the application to be approved. It’s good for clients to print out a copy of their submission in case their copy is not at the visa counter when they arrive.

Upon re-entry in to Uganda, e.g. from Rwanda by road, a transit visa for USD15 MAY be possible, depending upon your itinerary and where you are going in Uganda & for how long BUT if not then a full new single entry visa at USD50 will be charged.

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your passport is valid for a minimum of six months and has several clear pages for visas prior to departure. If you are travelling on a British Passport new regulations require that your passport is valid for 12 months for entry into Uganda. It is suggested that you check your status as regards visas prior to travel with your agent or they change on a regular basis, and some of these states embassies will INSIST you get one prior to travel, whereas they may be freely available on arrival embassies make money out of this.



Any Indian citizen (or any other nationals) who wants to travel to the Republics of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda for tourism purposes. An East Africa Tourist Visa is a multiple entry visa and shall be valid for 90 days.

Applications for this visa shall be lodged at any of the diplomatic representations of the Republic of Uganda, Republic of Kenya and Republic of Rwanda, and/or at the Immigration Offices of the respective countries or online where applicable.

All persons (travelers) must apply in their own right individually with acceptable travel documents valid not less than 6 months from the date of intended travel. The Visa Fee is 100 USD (one hundred dollars only) for Multiple Entries and valid for 90 days.

The holder of the East Africa Tourist Visa shall enter from the country that issued the visa and is free to travel to the other two countries without applying for another visa or paying any additional visa fees.

The holder of East African Tourist Visa shall also have the privilege of traveling to any of the three countries (Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda) and return without having to pay for another visa. This will only be applicable within the period of 90 days. The East African Tourist Visa is NOT a work visa and it shall NOT be extended.


  1. One clear colored passport size photo with white background recently taken without glasses, caps and scurf; (the photo should be attached to the application form by use of glue stick. Stapling and clipping the photo to the application form is not advisable).
  2. A complete filled application form.
  3. Visa Ugannda-Rwanda application letter addressed to the issuing authority of the concerned country.
  4. Flight bookings/ itinerary.
  5. Proof of financial sustainability during the travel period.
  6. Any other documentation that may be requested for purposes of processing the visa application.
Yellow Fever Certificate

All tourists traveling to the republic of Uganda and Rwanda must have a valid yellow fever immunization car.